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Dyucar GmbH

Duycar GmbH works as the part of the Alkon Int’l, Inc. holding affiliated company. We offer proven solutions in the sphere of insulation and heating systems for 10 years. Every day, our employees worldwide work for us at our national and international locations developing and producing gaskets, insulation materials, expansion joints and heating systems.

Duycar GmbH combines all the strengths of a forward-looking medium-sized company with tradition: fast and flexible in our thoughts and actions, and also dependable and creative as a project partner. This is very apparent in the resolve with which we pursue new ideas, the speed with which we bring these ideas to market, and the way we personally support our customers in all project phases. Unique application conditions and special demands require in-depth consulting and support – from material selection and engineering to installation.

Duycar GmbH is at home in various industries and markets: Applications and products with our materials are found in the automotive and transportation industry, in power plants and wind turbines, in process industry systems as well as in special areas such as sewer rehabilitation and fire protection.

Continuous research and development, a high level of materials expertise and sophisticated production technologies are factors that make Duycar GmbH one of the technology’s leaders. The company is customer oriented with its consulting and installation services.

Dyucar GmbH

Dyucar GmbH is well-known for our quality, variety and innovation. The years of experience, material and production expertise combined with creative product development mean added value for customers.

Our materials seal and insulate, we offer these materials under our own trade mark “Carbontec”. These materials are available as semi-finished products, punched parts, ready-made parts and expansion joints. “Carbontec” TM products are used in a wide range of applications in many branches of industry.

“Carbontec” TM products are cutting-edge heating systems for industry and automotive, refurbishment and new construction to renewable energies.

Together with in-house services that encompass everything from application consulting to installation and the company’s global presence, Dyucar GmbH offers a complete package of services for all customers.

All CarbontecTM product car be divided into four main categories


Expansion joints

Intelligent heating systems


“Carbontec” TM gaskets are found wherever reliable solutions are required: in power stations and chemical plants, in paper production, the food industry, heating engineering, the offshore industry, shipbuilding – and anywhere else you need us, of course! We have the right material for every application. We also are specialized in manufacturing “tailor-made” gaskets. The innovative gasket concepts include solutions for a standard DIN flange all the way to special solutions with additional functions. The gaskets are precisely adapted to the requirements of the respective application using state-of-the-art technology. We can produce prototypes for test purposes very quickly in small batches to create application-specific solutions for and in collaboration with our customers!


“Carbontec” TM product for thermal and acoustic insulation are developed with superior technology and quality. Our product range of insulation services is just as diverse as the potential application areas in vehicles, heating engineering, machine manufacturing, plant engineering and industrial processes. As a comprehensive supplier of standard materials for further processing to customer-based special solutions for temperatures up to 1100 °C, Dyucar GmbH offers its customers in-depth consultation and works with them to develop the necessary insulation. The high quality of our products guarantees low maintenance. And we exclusively use eco-friendly materials that are harmless to health as the basis for high-temperature applications.

“Carbontec” TM technical textiles ensure smooth production processes in a variety of industries such as the aluminum, glass, steel and process industry. Dyucar GmbH diverse coating techniques enable it to specifically adapt and optimize the properties of its technical textiles with respect to their mechanical resistance, insulation effect, water and gas tightness and many other aspects to satisfy customer-specific and project-oriented requirements.

Expansion joints

Aggressive media, movements, vibrations and many different pressure levels – plus extreme temperatures: These are just some of the factors plant and mechanical engineers have to take into account. The unique operating conditions and dimensions in industrial plant engineering require customized solutions. High-quality expansion joints are both a necessary and economically viable solution. Dyucar GmbH offers under “Carbontec” TM the following expansion joint solutions:

  1. Fabric and non-metallic expansion joints. These items must withstand loads like the system component or pipe itself and absorb additional stress, movements, oscillations or vibrations in axial and/or lateral direction – while ensuring operational safety. The main application areas are plants with gaseous media such as hot air, flue gas and acidic or alkaline gases.
    • Excellent mechanical stability against vibrations
    • Very good resistance to deformation
    • Resistance to SO2, SO3, H2SO4 and many other aggressive media
    • Long-term temperature up to 204 °C depending on material
    • Good low temperature resistance
    • Nekal-tight in clamping and bellow area
    • Installation of baffles not required
    • Ideal for saturated and moist gases
  2. Elastomer expansion joints. These items are used for aggressive media and made from highly flexible materials with excellent resistance. The extraordinary properties of these base materials are ideal for the very high demands in gas cleaning plants. We may count the most favorable characteristic of this product such as:
    • Chemical resistance to nearly all media
    • Excellent tightness
    • Outstanding flexibility, mechanical strength and resistance to bending
    • Temperature resistance up to 316 °C
    • Single-layer or multilayer processing
  3. Multi-laminated PTFE expansion joints. These composite materials are specifically developed for use in chemical and flue gas cleaning plants. The combination of unique tightness and flexibility with the high temperature resistance and strength of glass opens up a broad spectrum of applications. We may count the most favorable characteristic of this product such as:
    • Chemical resistance to nearly all media
    • Excellent tightness
    • Outstanding flexibility, mechanical strength and resistance to bending
    • Temperature resistance up to 316 °C
    • Single-layer or multilayer processing
  4. Rubber Expansion Joints. Available materials for  rubber expansion joints are:
    • Neoprene
    • EPDM
    • Butyl
    • Nitrile
    • Natural rubber
    • It is also possible to combine different elastomers as inner and outer layers for individual expansion joint types
Possible designs:
  • Sealing surface for rotating flanges, both ends with hardened steel insert
  • Loose-type flange with groove according to DIN PN 10/16 or ANSI 150 lb
  • Full-face elastomer flanges with fabric reinforcement
  • Counterflanges with support collar
  • Female thread connection for DN 15 - 80 mm
  • Length limiters (tie rods)
  • Special tie rods for lateral expansion joints
  • PTFE inner liner
  • Vacuum support rings/spiral supports


When installed as the main or additional heating system, Carbontec® will not only create comfortable temperature in your apartment in any weather, but will also benefit your body.

You will not have to install additional humidifiers in the winter to prevent your parquet floors from drying up.


By installing Carbontec® radiant heating system in open areas, garden pavilions, outdoor porches and closed spaces in a hotel, holiday center or restaurant, you can be sure that heat will be distributed evenly.

With Carbontec®, the air will never be too dry, making your guests feel comfortable at all times.


Infrared rays clean the skin, smooth wrinkles, and enhance the effect of creams and massages. Direct warming up of muscles by radiant energy allows to do without warming ointments.


The use of infrared rays in saunas and steam baths enhances the immune system, reduces face and body swelling, and relieves stress.

Removal of excess liquid and burning of subcutaneous fats will help reduce cellulite, rejuvenate the skin and lose weight.


With Carbontec® heating system, you can start your exercises without warming up the muscles. It will help improve your metabolic processes, heal wounds, bruises, sprains and hematomas, eliminate convulsions, remove waste, toxins and lactic acid from the muscles without any medicines.


Infrared rays are successfully used to treat traumatic injuries, the lymphatic system, joints, pleurisies, abdominal organs, neuritis, myalgia, liver and gall bladder.

Infrared rays are also used to treat eczemas, furuncles, smallpox, erysipelatous inflammations and psoriasis.


Carbontec® system can be used as a full-fledged heating system in settings where connection to utilities is not expedient.


Carbontec® radiant heating system can successfully fight molds, fungi and other microorganisms in rooms.

The maximum effect is achieved due to full drying of walls and ceilings.


Head office:
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Representative office in China:
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